Upholstery fabric is fabric or textiles used for furniture. What is upholstery? Upholstery is the physical act of stuffing seats and furniture with webbing, padding, springs, foam, or cushions to furniture and covering it with upholstery fabric. This type of work is very niche and needs to be done by a professional. The problem when it comes to upholstery fabric is what upholstery fabric is the best for my furniture?

The right upholstery can completely transform the look and feel of your furniture . Ideally, it should complement your room’s decor and the furniture itself while also proving practical for your needs. If you’re on the verge of purchasing upholstery for your furniture, do some research and consider the following to make sure you decide on the right fabric.

Types of Upholstery Fabric - Suitable for Furniture

Upholstery Fabric Chenille HHL

Chenille Fabric

Chenille fabric can be very decorative fabric and with no doubt the surface is soft and comfortable. It looks nice in any simple plain colours and also in floral and leaves decorations design. With its soft visual appearance, it is always a preference for designers. Because of Chenille fabric pile is not flat, its uneven surface absorb and reflect lights differently result in different colour changes by viewing is different angles or directions. The chenille fabric surface is somehow soft and comfortable because of its special yarn. Every single chenille yarn is made of the combination of two normal yarns, twisting and tying up thousands of short yarns to achieve the softness and elegant look of the fabric.

No worries on its durability as it is made in a woven machine with the best tying strength and able to hold up the fabric surface to avoid changing in shape due to stretching. Besides using on upholstery, chenille fabric also being used widely on carpets, garments, blankets, bed sheets which these surfaces are always interacting with our body and skin because the chenille fabric is so soft and comfortable. Selecting good fabric for your sofa is important because the surface has direct interaction with your skin.

How to protect and clean your chenille fabric?

Avoid your chenille fabric lounges from direct sunlight to maintain the colours on the fabric and make it last longer. Chenille fabric lounges can be clean using vacuum cleaner, just to make sure the head of the vacuum cleaner is clean.
For further protection on your new chenille fabric lounge, Guardsman Fabric Protector is the best choice as it repels liquid and stain from your fabric surface and provides you sufficient time to clean it before it gets into your lounges.  Even when you encounter stain or pen mark on your lounges, Guardsman Fabric Cleaner-level 1, will be your solution. Still cannot be clean? Guardsman Fabric Cleaner-level 2 will remove any stubborn stain! 

Upholstery Fabric Jacquard HHL

Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard fabric is a type of woven fabric which the process of knitting involves vertical and horizontal yarns. While the difference is jacquard fabric has the design and pattern weaved into the fabric instead of printing on the fabric. A woven fabric with design and pattern being weaved in is a jacquard fabric. Jacquard fabric suitable to be upholstered on indoor furniture. The bright and colourful patterns brings a great match to your living room or dining room regardless the painting colours of your wall.

Prevent and protect your jacquard.

Prevent your furniture of jacquard fabric from direct sunlight to maintain the colours on the fabric and make it last longer. When there is a stain, do not rub the surface, use a moisten cloth and blot up the stain. Repeat few times until the stain is removed.
For further protection on your new jacquard fabric furniture, Guardsman Fabric Protector is the best choice as it repels liquid and stain from your fabric surface and provides you sufficient time to clean it before it gets into your lounges. Even when you encounter stain or pen mark on your lounges that could not be blot up with moisten cloth, Guardsman Fabric Cleaner-level 1, will be your solution. Still cannot be clean? Guardsman Fabric Cleaner-level 2 will remove any stubborn stain!

Upholstery Fabric Polyester HHL

Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric is made of polyester fiber yarn and it is most widely used in the upholstery world today. People used to call ‘polyester fabric’  assuming it as a type of fabric but it is actually not. Polyester is the material of the yarn, it is the raw material used to weave any type of fabric. Just like cotton, it can be called a replacement of cotton as cotton is a running low natural resources but polyester is a synthetic material. Polyester is a type of polymer made of natural chemicals combining with synthetic chemical like poly-carbonate and polybutyrate. Polyester Fabric (polyester fiber yarn) is a raw material of yarn,  known as synthetic fabric (synthetic yarn) which used to replace other yarns such as cotton, acrylic, rayon, linen, viscose and other raw yarns. This type of yarn is used in variety type of fabric, including chenille fabric, jacquard fabric, microfiber fabric, woven fabric, and non-woven fabric.

Protect your fabric with GUARDSMAN.

Guardsman Fabric Protector can be also used in this type of fabric for extra protection from repelling stain and liquid spills. Facing stain or stubborn that is embedded into the fabric surface, Guardsman Fabric Cleaner-level 1, will be your solution. Otherwise the more effective solution is the Guardsman Fabric Cleaner-level 2 will definitely remove the stubborn stain! Further protection by repelling water and stain from your fabric surface, Guardsman Fabric Protector will always be one of the best choice.

Upholstery Fabric Velvet HHL

Velvet Fabric

Velvet fabric is one of the most luxurious elegant looking and distinctively soft feeling fabric. Velvet fabric is a type of special woven fabric which the machine weaves two surfaces at the same time, then being cut and evenly distributed to form the pile on both surfaces. Because of the pile of evenly yarns on the surface, velvet catches light differently from different angle, causing dark and light colour surface while viewing from different angles.

Silk is the material to use for velvet fabric in the past days, and was being used in luxurious places like in palaces, casinos, theatres, ballrooms and high class hotels. Due to the cost of silk, velvet is then being produced with cotton, linen and wool. In the recent days, most velvet is also produced in common yarns like viscose, nylon, and polyester.

How to take care your velvet fabric?

Velvet is luxurious and lovely, but it can also experience issues that compromise its appearance and function. Velvet can flatten, become matted, pile, tuft, lose pile and shrink if you don’t care for it properly. Crushed velvet can lose its design and distort from wear and acetate velvets exposed to heat, pressure or moisture can flatten permanently, which ruins its beauty on clothing and furnishings. To keep velvet looking its best, practice proper care including:

  • Don’t apply pressure to it when wet
  • Hang in well-ventilated area
  • Don’t blot spills, shake excess moisture and then air-dry
  • Never iron
  • Use steam to remove wrinkles
  • Clean your fabric promptly to keep it best look
Upholstery Fabric Woven HHL

Woven Fabric

Woven Fabric is a more simple fabric yet very popular as it is just plain and simple. Woven fabric usually comes in plain colour, otherwise one or two extra colours from the yarn to make it more attractive. Woven Fabric is made of combination of two yarns weaving in two directions, horizontal and vertical. We also name the direction as warp and weft.

We heard names people used to call like denim jeans, canvas, knit fabric, satins, fleece and many more. These are actually all under the woven fabric category as they were made in the same way, despite the materials used. The strength is undoubtedly durable and strong with its weft and warp weaving method, avoiding from changing shape.

Here is a video showing the process of weaving a woven fabric.

Upholstery Fabric Nonwoven HHL

Nonwoven Fabric

Nonwoven fabric is a fabric-like material made from staple fibre (short) and long fibres (continuous long), bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment.