As a first line of defence, it’s a good idea to treat fabrics and carpets with Guardsman Fabric Protector, which can help prevent soiling and makes stains easier to remove.  An aerosol that’s safe for use inside your home, it won’t change the feel of your fabrics.  Use it on furniture and other household fabrics, as well as buffed leathers such as nubuck and suede.  We also offer Guardsman Leather Protector for finished leather and unfinished aniline leather.

Food & Beverages — It might be very frequent when you have coffee or tea with some snacks while sitting on the lounge watching television. Accident occasionally and you will not know when, even when you are very careful. When you have you beverages spill on the furniture, if at all possible, it’s important to act quickly, address stains as soon as they occur. First, use a gentle scraping motion to lift off and remove solid material from the fabric or carpet.  Next (If the stain has had a chance to dry) vacuum to further remove any loose surface residue.  Dampen a clean cloth or paper towel with water and blot the stained area. Use a mild water-based cleaner on water cleanable fabrics and carpets (always check the manufacturer’s label–carpets are typically water friendly). Guardsman Fabric Care Kit is ideal for removing stains from water-cleanable fabrics and leaves no soil attracting residue.  Once the stain is thoroughly cleaned, Guardsman Fabric Care Deodoriser  may be applied to remove the odour and freshen the lounge.  And always re-apply Guardsman Fabric Protector to newly-cleaned areas, to restore protection.

Sweat, Blood & Bodily Fluids—Naturally, human skin release bodily fluids as we called sweats every seconds even when we are in an air conditioned room. And when we lay on furniture and bed, sweats are eventually transferred to the furniture surfaces.  Routine upholstery cleaning is a great way to keep odours at bay. More frequent general cleaning of the area where you always like to sit on the sofa. When selecting cleaning products, check the label—many are specially-formulated to neutralize odors.

Protect your furniture, prevention is the best defence!


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