Directions for use:

  1.  Fabrics must be new, recently cleaned and dry.
  2. Shake container well and proceed to spray. Holding can approximately 20cm away from fabric surface.
  3. Spray a small section at a time and remember to give an even coat.
  4. Avoid using treated furnishing for 30 minutes after application.
  5. Ensure adequate ventilation during application.


Product Description

  • Long-lasting stain protection helps furniture look newer, longer
  • Won’t change fabrics look or feel
  • Odorless when dry
  • Formulated to meet the demands of furniture professionals
  • Made in USA & Australia

Intentional misuse by deliberately concentration or inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal.If you had just bought a new fabric furniture, protect it with Guardsman Fabric Protector before it gets stubborn stain!  Guardsman Fabric Protector able to enhance the features of water repellent and stain repellent to your fabric surface without affecting the fabric softness and hand feel!

Untreated                                                                   Guardsman Fabric Protector

untreated  treated

Besides furniture, Guardsman Fabric Protector are suitable on most fabric surfaces that you wish to protect, such as sweaters, scarfs, hats, and even shoes! It is fully biodegradable, silicone free, environmental friendly, and allergic free so you can spray it with no worries!

Not intended for use on finished and aniline leathers; to protect those leathers use Guardsman® Leather Protector to protect finished leather and vinyl furniture.

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