Leather as resource from a living animal is no doubt being one of the most expensive raw material to produce. Cow and buffalo skins are the most common leather used in the upholstery world. Leather producing from raw hide to finished leather is very complex and lots of professional steps have to be taken care. Leather represent higher standard and luxury in everywhere, furniture, cars, bags, and accessories.

Some people might think that leather is for luxuries, thinking that it is expensive but not durable which is not exactly right. It is true that leather is a natural skin that it might not last for long, but all processed leather for any industries are pigmented leather/ painted leather with a protection of a special quality coating on the surface. After the leather was taken care with the complex processing, it has become a far more durable on its surface compare to a naked skin. Leather is natural skin, it is like our skin too which need consistent protection to maintain it looks and hand feel. Be surprise that with the correct way of cleaning and protecting a leather lounge, it can last up to 15 years!

Maximum Protection to Upholstery Leather with GUARDSMAN ®

GUARDSMAN ® – Excellence in Furniture Care Since 1915. is always a trusted brand with the best formula to clean and protect your leather. With GUARDSMAN ® Leather Care Kit, it has the complete protection to your new leather lounge! Visit us today for free demo and best offers!


Every Leather Care Products has their instructions to follow to achieve the best results and protection, so does GUARDSMAN ®. Our complete leather care kit include the following,

Use Guardsman Leather Cleaner for consistent cleaning like once in 2 – 3 months and Guardsman Leather Protector to protect the leather top coat and maintain the original look and feel of leather upholstery. These oil-free formulas were created for Guardsman in Italy by a world leader in leather finishes, so you know that they will keep your leather looking and feeling great without harming the material. Our products are available as ready-to-use liquids.

Further Real Life Knowledge

Don’t worry it is not hard to increase the life span of your leather lounges! Below are some few valuable hints in life to protect your leather lounge!

  1. Avoid leaving your leather lounge from direct sunlight
  2. Do not leave newspapers or magazines on the leather lounge, to avoid ink transfer to the leather surface
  3. Avoid from high temperature surrounding/ items such as iron or hair dryer, which it will cause the leather to stiffen and crack
  4. Use the right Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector consistently every 2 – 3 months. Be very sure to follow the instructions on the products correctly!
  5. Sit on your leather lounge! Please do not think that leaving your leather lounge for display only will last longer. Leather is similar to a car tyres, if you do not use it, the flexible leather fiber will become stiffen and cracks.