Velvet fabric is one of the most luxurious elegant looking and distinctively soft feeling fabric. Velvet fabric is a type of special woven fabric which the machine weaves two surfaces at the same time, then being cut and evenly distributed to form the pile on both surfaces. Because of the pile of evenly yarns on the surface, velvet catches light differently from different angle, causing dark and light colour surface while viewing from different angles.

Silk is the material to use for velvet fabric in the past days, and was being used in luxurious places like in palaces, casinos, theatres, ballrooms and high class hotels. Due to the cost of silk, velvet is then being produced with cotton, linen and wool. In the recent days, most velvet is also produced in common yarns like viscose, nylon, and polyester.


Velvet is luxurious and lovely, but it can also experience issues that compromise its appearance and function. Velvet can flatten, become matted, pile, tuft, lose pile and shrink if you don’t care for it properly. Crushed velvet can lose its design and distort from wear and acetate velvets exposed to heat, pressure or moisture can flatten permanently, which ruins its beauty on clothing and furnishings. To keep velvet looking its best, practice proper care including:

  • Don’t apply pressure to it when wet
  • Hang in well-ventilated area
  • Don’t blot spills, shake excess moisture and then air-dry
  • Never iron
  • Use steam to remove wrinkles
  • Clean your fabric promptly to keep it best look