Polyester fabric is made of polyester fiber yarn and it is most widely used in the upholstery world today. People used to call ‘polyester fabric’  assuming it as a type of fabric but it is actually not. Polyester is the material of the yarn, it is the raw material used to weave any type of fabric. Just like cotton, it can be called a replacement of cotton as cotton is a running low natural resources but polyester is a synthetic material. Polyester is a type of polymer made of natural chemicals combining with synthetic chemical like poly-carbonate and polybutyrate. Polyester Fabric (polyester fiber yarn) is a raw material of yarn,  known as synthetic fabric (synthetic yarn) which used to replace other yarns such as cotton, acrylic, rayon, linen, viscose and other raw yarns. This type of yarn is used in variety type of fabric, including chenille fabricjacquard fabricmicrofiber fabricwoven fabric, and non-woven fabric.


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