Jacquard fabric is a type of woven fabric which the process of knitting involves vertical and horizontal yarns. While the difference is jacquard fabric has the design and pattern weaved into the fabric instead of printing on the fabric. A woven fabric with design and pattern being weaved in is a jacquard fabric. Jacquard fabric suitable to be upholstered on indoor furniture. The bright and colourful patterns brings a great match to your living room or dining room regardless the painting colours of your wall. For variety of Jacquard fabric selection, find us HERE!


Prevent your furniture of jacquard fabric from direct sunlight to maintain the colours on the fabric and make it last longer. When there is a stain, do not rub the surface, use a moisten cloth and blot up the stain. Repeat few times until the stain is removed.
For further protection on your new jacquard fabric furniture, Guardsman Fabric Protector is the best choice as it repels liquid and stain from your fabric surface and provides you sufficient time to clean it before it gets into your lounges. Even when you encounter stain or pen mark on your lounges that could not be blot up with moisten cloth, Guardsman Fabric Cleaner-level 1, will be your solution. Still cannot be clean? Guardsman Fabric Cleaner-level 2 will remove any stubborn stain! Feel free visit us for free demo on this!